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It’s a good thing updating the audio for these vignettes and whatnot is happening on a schedule of my own choosing, so it doesn’t really matter when life, the universe, and everything conspire to interrupt that carefully cultivated schedule. So I’ve missed a couple of weeks. Sure, it’s been quietly driving me up the wall, but that’s no big deal. I’ve managed it. The problem would be if I let things slide so long that I simply stopped with the updates. That would be an issue, something to be concerned about, but here we are.
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One can only hope that I have something interesting or informative to say here, again. This may happen at some point in the future, but it’s really not happening. These are the plague years. I was hoping they would be limited to two years, but it’s really starting to look like there will be a year three.
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One of the things I wanted to accomplish with the vignettes was stay far away from solo piano music. I had done a whole bunch of sonatinas, and Sibelius had improved to the point that the fake instruments didn’t sound that horrible. I needed to experiment. I needed to master multiple instruments and orchestration. Everything was way too melody and harmony. I really needed to do something about that.
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There’s trouble at the North American Biannual Short Story Writing Competition. Famous authors are losing hard, and nobody’s talking. Is it blackmail? Is it magic? Allison Merriweather, expert magician and investigative journalist, is determined to find out.

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What if your little cleaning robot started thinking for itself? What if it just didn't feel like following orders anymore? Who would you call?

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"The connection to Macbeth is not immediately evident, which is quite a good thing and though that play may have been the book's inspiration, Pyrrhic Kingdom stands entirely on its own as quite a fascinating example of expressionist, even avant garde fantasy/horror." –Judge, 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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