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And that’s it, the last original piece of music has finally been uploaded to my website in all of its NotePerformer glory. Naturally, this is one where I can’t really tell a big whopping difference between the old Sibelius recording and the new NotePerformer recording.
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I’m almost done with these—ahem—updated(slash)remastered audio files. It’s a project that’s kept me busy, I guess, uploading files to my website, so now the Violin & Oboe Rhapsody has had its turn. The NotePerformer version is uploaded for all and sundry to ignore in blissful ignorance that it ever happened.
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Seems vaguely silly to refer to this as the first violin vignette since there’s only one and I have absolutely no idea if or when there will ever be another, but yeah, it works for me. The NotePerformer—ummm—performance of the violin vignette is finally getting its upload to my website, and this is another where there isn’t a big difference between the old Sibelius audio and the newfangled NotePerformer audio. The new “performance” seems slightly softer, less harsh, for lack of a better way of putting it.
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There’s trouble at the North American Biannual Short Story Writing Competition. Famous authors are losing hard, and nobody’s talking. Is it blackmail? Is it magic? Allison Merriweather, expert magician and investigative journalist, is determined to find out.

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What if your little cleaning robot started thinking for itself? What if it just didn't feel like following orders anymore? Who would you call?

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"The connection to Macbeth is not immediately evident, which is quite a good thing and though that play may have been the book's inspiration, Pyrrhic Kingdom stands entirely on its own as quite a fascinating example of expressionist, even avant garde fantasy/horror." –Judge, 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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